Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Brief Classification of Theology

Here is my brief classification of theological systems within Christianity.

Systematic Theology
  1. Calvinism
    1. 5-point Calvinism (TULIP)
      • Total Depravity
      • Unconditional Election
      • Limited Atonement
      • Irresistible Grace
      • Peserverance of the Saints
    2. 4-point Calvinism (Amyraldism)
      • drops limited atonement in favor of universal atonement.
    3. Hyper-Calvinism
    4. Views on the divine order of events:
      1. Infralapsarianism
        • to create;
        • to permit the fall;
        • to elect to eternal life and blessedness a great multitude out of this mass of fallen men, and to leave the others, as He left the Devil and the fallen angels, to suffer the just punishment of their sins;
        • to give His Son, Jesus Christ, for the redemption of the elect; and
        • to send the Holy Spirit to apply to the elect the redemption which was purchased by Christ.
      2. Supralapsarianism
        • to elect some creatable men (that is, men who were to be created) to life and to condemn others to destruction;
        • to create;
        • to permit the fall;
        • to send Christ to redeem the elect; and
        • to send the Holy Spirit to apply this redemption to the elect.
    5. Order of Salvation
      1. Election
      2. Predestination
      3. Calling
      4. Regeneration
      5. Faith
      6. Repentance
      7. Justification
      8. Sanctification
      9. Glorification

  2. Arminianism
    1. Arminian Articles of Remonstrance
      • Conditional Election
      • Universal Atonement
      • Free Will with Partial Depravity
      • Resistible Grace
      • Uncertain Perseverance
    2. Order of Salvation
      1. Calling
      2. Faith
      3. Repentance
      4. Regeneration
      5. Justification
      6. Perseverance
      7. Glorification
Redemptive Theology
  1. Covenant Theology (or Federal theology)
    • Covenant of Redemption
    • Covenant of Works (or the Adamic Administration)
    • Covenant of Grace
      • The Abrahamic Covenant
      • The Noahic Covenant
      • The Mosaic Covenant
      • The Davidic Covenant
      • The New Covenant
  2. Dispensationalism
    • Dispensation of Innocence
    • Dispensation of Conscience
    • Dispensation of Government
    • Dispensation of Promise
    • Dispensation of Law
    • Dispensation of Grace
    • Dispensation of Kingdom
    • New Heaven and New Earth
  3. New Covenant Theology
  4. Hyper-dispensationalism (or ultra-dispensationalism)
    1. Acts 28 Dispensationalists
    2. Mid-Acts Dispensationalists.
  5. Progressive Dispensationalism
Christian Eschatology
  1. Amillennialism
  2. Postmillennialism
  3. Historic Premillennialism
  4. Dispensational Premillennialism
  5. Preterism
  6. Views of the Rapture during the Great Tribulation
    1. Pre-tribulationists
    2. Mid-tribulationists
    3. Post-tribulationists
Eucharistic Theology
  1. Real Spiritual Presence (Presbyterian and Reformed)
  2. Memorialism (Baptist)
  3. Consubstantiation (Lutheranism)
  4. Transubstantiation (Roman Catholicism)
Baptismal Theology
  1. Views on methods
    1. Full body immersion
    2. Aspersion (sprinkling water over the head)
    3. Infusion (pouring water over the head)
  2. Views on types of baptism
    1. Paedobaptism
    2. Credobaptism (or believer's baptism)
  3. Views on natures of baptism
    1. Covenant sign and seal
    2. Outward sign
    3. Supernatural baptismal regeneration (salvific effects)
Theories of the Atonement of Christ
  1. The Penal Substitutionary Theory
  2. The Moral Influence Theory
  3. The Governmental Theory
  4. The Mystical Theory
  5. The Middle Theory
  6. The Socinian Theory
  7. The Ethical Theory
  8. The Arminian Theory
  9. The Lutheran Theory
  10. The General Theory
Theological Views of the Fall
  1. The Federal or Representative View of the Fall
  2. The Realist View of the Fall
  3. The Myth Theory of the Fall
Theological Views of the Regenerative Work of the Spirit
  1. Lordship Salvation
  2. Antinomianism
  3. Legalism


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Given your interest in reformed theology, you might want to consider contributing to!

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Blogger Daniel Ho said...

This is the first time i've seen Calvinism and Arminism been included in the systematic theology

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