Saturday, August 27, 2005

John F. MacArthur on Roman Catholicism

"... as long as the papal system binds its people to "another gospel", it is the spiritual duty of all true Christians to oppose Roman Catholic doctrine with biblical truth and to call all Catholics to true salvation. Appeals for "dialogue" must not be allowed to silence or obscure our clear polemic for the truth and against error. And the focus and goal of all Catholic-evangelical dialogue should always be to seek truth - not a superficial peace, not merely common denominators, not even moral and political coalition - but the true answer to the question, "What must I do to be saved?" Meanwhile, evangelicals must not capitulate to the pressures for artificial unity. We cannot allow the Gospel to be obscured. We cannot make friends with false religion, lest we become partakers in their evil deeds (2 John 11)."

- John F. MacArthur, p. 216-217, Reckless Faith: When the Church Loses Its Will to Discern, 1994 Crossway Books


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In having studied Mr. MacArthur and his "Lordship Salvation," I find that much of his thinking is Roman Catholic in origin. His Calvinistic views are likewise... be careful not to add to the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in trusting in the death, burial and resurrectiom of our Lord Jesus Christ as our only hope of righteousness.

10/10/05 3:59 AM  

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