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Thoughts On Homosexuality

I was on a thread on the Channelnewsasia forum where I have posted my thoughts on the issue of homosexuality. Here's what I wrote:

I am of the opinion that the secular laws should not discriminate against homosexuals. If I were to decide between a competent homosexual political candidate whose political views are impartial to all Singaporeans and a political candidate who leans his political views to favor a particular religion or business lobby groups, I would choose the political candidate who is homosexual.

However, as much as I would like to side with the homosexuals, I am apprehensive of them because of the Gay Rights movement that is happening in the United States. These homosexuals feel that their rights extend to churches and they feel that these churches should accomodate them in conducting gay marriages. I'm afraid that once we open the can of worms and start recognizing homosexuals more broadly, they might take advantage of our generosity and demand more privileges.

How would you like if there is a gay church/mosque/temple? In the case of Christianity, homosexuality is a sin. However, it must be noted that we Christians recognize that we are all sinners and should not just single out homosexuality. If gay marriages are allowed, then are homosexuals allowed to adopt children? This is one area that I totally disagree with. Other than appealing to religious reasons, if homosexuals biologically cannot procreate with each other, then I believe they should not be allowed to adopt as it goes against the natural order of things. Probably I might compromise if civil unions instead of marriages are allowed to homosexuals for the purpose of sharing and distribution of assets, hospitalization in cases of accidents etc.

I also believe that homosexuality can be cured. In my opinion, it is not conclusively proven that homosexuality is a genetic disorder. And there are many cases where homosexuals are cured of their mental disorder. Therefore, it is totally up to the homosexuals whether they want to submit to professional and spiritual treatments. If Singapore recognizes homosexuality as a mental disorder, then perhaps we can set up treatment centres in the same way we set up drug rehabilitation centres.

In conclusion, homosexuals should view their place in society as a privilege, not a right. The homosexuals must recognize that they have a problem within themselves. Just as we do not allow someone with HIV to have sex with anyone, I see society as reaching out to them to accomodate their mental illness in the best way possible, not to give them equal rights in all areas. Like us trying to help the disabled and the unfortunate members of our society.

Take for instance, a blind man should not complain of unfair discrimination just because he is not legally allowed to take a driving test to drive a car. Or a deaf person who is obviously not capable of doing a telemarketing job that requires telephone conversations with potential customers. However in the case of the homosexual politician, as long as his mental illness does not affect his ability to do his job, I would not discriminate against him.


Blogger threez said...

hi there

I agree with many points.

But the definition of homosexuality as a mental disorder also causes a whole onslaught of problems, because they are obviously sane and are WILFULLY making a decision to like same-sex intercourse. When my gay friends say "I can't help it" it sounds exactly the same as when my straight promiscuous friends say "I can't help it."

It is a lie. They can absolutely help it. Just as smokers can help not smoking. But they don't want to because it has become an addiction, and worse, a definition of their identity and to lose both would hurt them to the core.

Sinners cannot help but sin. Because we are born into sin it becomes our nature. Until our minds and hearts meet Christ Jesus, fall in love, and we kill off this old self. We are born again, new beings, and prayerfully renewed by the transforming of our minds.

Until that happens it is very difficult for any sinner to say on his own strength, okay, I'm going to stop sinning today. Happens in comic books but not in real life.

Thank you for your post -- good to see a Christian thinking of how our faith fits into the world around us (actually, it doesn't!)

12/8/05 10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you choose your hetrosexuality?

is a virgin hetrosexual or homosexual?

orientation is arousal. and that is something one doesn't choose.

or did you make a conscious choice to be one?


17/8/05 2:16 PM  
Blogger beowulf said...

I did not argue in my article that homosexuality is a choice. What I am actually stressing is that homosexuality is a mental disorder.

Just as the schizophrenic do not choose to be schizophrenic, the homosexual do not choose to be homosexual.

In the movie "A Beautiful Mind," once John Nash realize that he is suffering from schizophrenia, he chooses to ignore his hallucinations. In the same way, the homosexuals can choose to ignore their homosexual desires.

17/8/05 7:59 PM  
Blogger gayle said...

I'm afraid this is the first article of yours I've read that I instinctively recoil against and regretfully feel that it is bigoted and insensitive.

30/8/05 1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pardon me but you totally no nothing about homosexuality

you just blew it. i thought this is crap and pathetic. sorry.

i just wish one day you will wake up like one and realise what you've written here

16/1/07 11:44 AM  
Blogger Johnathan Tucker said...

@ Gayle & Anonymous above: To state a fact isn't bigotry or insensitive. As much as you may not like it Truth can hurt. You can't cure a genetic trait, and a homosexual can't pass on said genetic trait if that person does not reproduce ( men can't reproduce with men and women can't either) Mental disorders don't always mean your "bat crazy"; a schizophrenic is someone that can't tell fantasy from reality. Crazy like can't tell right from wrong. Mental Disorder means something up stairs isn't working right (people that get pleasure from pain have a mental disorder, their brain some where down the line got pain mixed up with pleasure, its the same thing with homosexuality).

18/7/12 7:37 PM  

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