Sunday, November 27, 2005

Alleged "Contradictions" in the Bible

There is an article called Biblical Inconsistencies by Donald Morgan that poorly attempts to identify "contradictions" in the Bible. A quick Google search led me to Dave Woetzel who has helpfully written a couple of articles, which refute the points that are raised. is a website whose purpose is to promote an atheistic worldview, and as we see from Donald Morgan's article, attacks Christianity.

If you are debating with critics of Christianity, the issue of Bible interpretations will invariably surface when they fail to attack the inerrancy of the Bible. "How do you know your interpretation is correct?" the critic would switch tactics and ask. Well, the article by Apologetics Index explained there are actually eight rules of intepretation that are not only used by Christians, but also "used by legal experts for more than 2500 years."

Eight Rules of Interpretation
  1. Rule of Definition.
    Define the term or words being considered and then adhere to the defined meanings.
  2. Rule of Usage.
    Don't add meaning to established words and terms. What was the common usage in the cultural and time period when the passage was written?
  3. Rule of Context.
    Avoid using words out of context. Context must define terms and how words are used.
  4. Rule of Historical background.
    Don't separate interpretation and historical investigation.
  5. Rule of Logic.
    Be certain that words as interpreted agree with the overall premise.
  6. Rule of Precedent.
    Use the known and commonly accepted meanings of words, not obscure meanings for which their is no precedent.
  7. Rule of Unity.
    Even though many documents may be used there must be a general unity among them.
  8. Rule of Inference.
    Base conclusions on what is already known and proven or can be reasonably implied from all known facts.
Another tactic critics used is to bring up the various theological differences among Christian denominations. Joe Mizzi of Just for Catholics provides an explanation:
So, what is the cause of the differences among Christians? First of all, Christians are disciples (students); we are still learning and we have not yet arrived to a full and mature understanding of the Scriptures (see Ephesians 4:13). Therefore one expects to find differences among God's children. Secondly, Christians are not immune to error or the the deceptions introduced by false teachers. The apostle Paul had to correct the believers in Corinth, Galatia and Colosse for various errors. It is not any different today. Thirdly, and most importantly, the sin remaining in the Christian heart opposes the plain teaching of God's Word. Sometimes we find it hard to accept the teaching of the Bible because of practical implications we don't like or simply because it humiliates our natural pride. Many people did not receive the words of Jesus because of fear of the Jewish leaders and social isolation. Sometimes we do not receive the teaching of the Bible, not because we don't understand it, but because we are not willing to do so. There are differences because our beliefs and practices are not always consistent with our basic presupposition, namely, Sola Scriptura. We assert that the Bible is our only infallible rule of faith, and yet we sometimes misunderstand the Bible, or add, or take away, from the teaching of Scripture.
Here are some Christian apologetics websites that are dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and the Word of God from attacks.
  1. Answering Islam
  2. Answers in Genesis
  3. by the C.S. Lewis Society
  4. Apologetics Index
  5. Apologetics Press
  6. ChristianAnswers.Net
  7. Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry by Matthew J. Slick
  8. Creation Research Society
  9. Creation Science Evangelism by Dr. Kent Hovind
  10. Come Reason Ministries
  11. Institute for Creation Research
  12. Islamic Studies in Christian Perspective
  13. Just for Catholics by Joe Mizzi
  14. Tekton Apologetics Ministries


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