Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Evaluating the Trinity Christian Centre (TCC) website

I hopped over to the Trinity Christian Centre (TCC) website and was surprised to discover that Naomi Dowdy, the Senior Pastor of the church, calls herself an "apostle". Maybe most of you guys know about this fact long ago, but however I did not. Together with Lawrence Khong (Faith Community Baptist Church), both of them are members of an international exclusive club that calls itself the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA). This organization was started by C. Peter Wagner, who designated himself the "Presiding Apostle".

I could not find much information about Trinity Christian Centre's beliefs, except for what is written in the vision and mission statement. The statement has power phrases like "vibrant atmosphere", "manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles", "covenantal relationships", "corporate unity", "strategically positioned and deployed", "strategic leadership", "passionate heartbeat", and "global agenda" etc. Curious to say, words like "Word of God" and "Bible" are not mentioned in the lengthly statement. Instead of sentences like "people hungering for the Word of God" and "leaders grounded on sound doctrines based on the Word of God", the statement consists of sentences such as "people hunger for the presence of God" and "Spirit-filled leaders". Since the Senior Pastor of TCC belongs to ICA, I believe TCC is one of those "new apostolic churches" that is part of an unorthodox movement called the "New Apostolic Reformation".

Here's a screenshot of Trinity Christian Centre website's mission and vision statement (just in case the page gets taken down).


Blogger Yaevlejunce said...

Erm, yeah, so what's wrong?

I'm beginning to seriously doubt your knowledge of the Bible.

Jesus said "whoever is not against us is for us".

Is TCC, FCBC, CHC AGAINST Jesus in any way? The only thing these churches are doing against (with regards to you) is going against the WRONG Calvinist teaching of predestination.

Why are you so fluffed up by TCC, FCBC and CHC? Because they're far bigger, popular and spirit-filled than your Calvinist churches?

14/8/05 7:25 PM  
Anonymous Wicker said...

Do not be riled up about what WooQ said. He/she has made a good point about what the website is lacking, I believe maybe TCC needs to take a look at the page.

It is not however not right to attack each other on mere denomination delineation. Whether one is Calvinist or Charismatic is of little importance, what matters more is that one is part of the body of Christ. Please brethrens of Christ do not sow discord amongst oneselves, not all will be the same just as not all of the body is just one part eg. our body does not merely consist of the eye. Bible presbyterians, charismatics, baptists, evangelists, pentacostals and calvinists should instead complement each other in areas that they specialize in and bolster the greater Christian community. What one lacks or is weak in can be supported by another group, caring and bolstering each other's defences. This is what the Lord prayed for at the garden of Gethsemene, for his people to be united in spirit...

20/9/07 10:41 AM  

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