Monday, January 10, 2005

God's Judgment: Justice, Mercy and Fairness

snake wrote:
And back to your point, once again I ask if we have no free moral ability, how can we be judged on our morality? This is what He judges us on, isn't it? Whether or not we're moral enough to get to Heaven?
I replied:

Your question presupposes that all men has the right to go to Heaven. That is precisely where you are wrong about the nature of Christianity. Man, because of his sinful nature, is automatically disqualified from Heaven. No man has the moral qualifications to enter Heaven. The divine benchmark of morality is found in the Mosaic Law, which no man can fully obey. You must understand that membership into Heaven is a gift from God. God is not obligated to let anyone into Heaven. The reason why some of us are going to Heaven is simply because God chooses some of us to go to Heaven. Entry into Heaven is God's choice, not Man's choice.

There are three words that are related to this issue: justice, mercy and fairness. By declaring a sinful person guilty of sin, God is delivering a just verdict. An injust verdict is where God declares a holy person (i.e. a person without sin) guilty of sin. However, God is merciful in selecting some of the guilty persons to be pardoned, thus allowing them entry into Heaven. This is the Christian concept of grace.

Because of our limited human perspective, we think that God is not fair. We will question: why did God elect person A, B, and C, but not person D, E and F? Why did God choose the people of Israel, instead of the Canaanites? Why did God choose Moses instead of the Pharaoh? Why are some people rich and some people poor? Why aren't all of us granted equal opportunities in life? I honestly do not know.


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